Wednesday, October 19, 2011

meditation and yoga (a brief)

Law of nature is same for all

Even though holy men have developed greater immunity against diseases, when the strength of the cause for diseases exceeds the strength of immunity developed, they also have to suffer from those diseases, it would be clear that the justice of nature never fails.
Weather one is a holy person or an ordinary individual he has to accept the due award or punishment under the law of nature. With this explanation in mind, please study the biographies of saints and holy men and you would see for yourself that the theory is valid.

Said by
Yogiraj Vethathiri maharishi,
Founder of simplified kundalini yoga and world community service centre
Chennai, tamilnadu

My father who was direct disciple of Vethathiri trained us how to jump in to the water (water here referred as meditation and stages of yoga to Samadhi) but Yogi Raj Vethathiri Maharishi taught us how to swim in the water, and great master His holiness swami Sivanandhar taught us how to walk in the water with the human body.  


Siva Chitar said...

Dear Sir,

Whether the Arut thanthai Yogi Vethathiri Maharishi died or attain samadhi. I asked this because I am in a dilemma whether to follow him or Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. I attended Shakti Chalana Kriya and Shoonya Meditation of Isha when i was in Housur a 15 years back. But soon after i met with an accident in which my right leg got broken. (Already it was affect by polio) So I did not continue it because i was unable to sit in Vajrasana.

Now I would like to take a step ahead.But i am getting confused who is to follow? whether Kavanagar Ayya, or Sadhguru or Maharishi Vethathiri or Kagabujandar in Tiruvannamalai.

Give your guidance to clear my confusion.

Srikant N said...

I really liked your blog about maharishi. It portrays the love you have on his principles, his words & finally on him. Keep doing your service by sharing safe but necessary knowledge to mankind.

thillai raj said...

Let them find their own way to travel on own destiny depends up on their yogic practices. my writings for the people who really searching with huge thirsty to come in to real spiritual practices. arguments and intelligence takes away from the real yogic practices.