Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Practising of mirror exercise
Mirror is the only source for human being to view the image and vision of the inner soul on every individual being who practicing yoga’s regularly.
In the spiritual path, one of the initial practices of technique is the mirror view exercise, in the beginning itself it looks like very simple, but the regular practices enhance once electro magnetic energy pertaining to the journey alone towards omnipresent.
Many yogis, siddhars written in ancient Tamil poems and verses on this topic and have highly implement this technique on this subject during the starting stages of yogic practice.
Recent years vethathiri maharishi initiated this technique in his simplified kundli yoga meditation for the last  50 years  as technique to improve the energy source for the individual humans receive through the cosmos and make a link between the universe and the soul of the human body.
He modified these mirror practices into very simple and brought in to his simplified kundli meditation to all the common people. By continuous practicing of this meditation a person unknowingly opening the master gland called as “manonmani” through the developing stage of concentration.  From the gradual opening of the “manonmani” gland located centrically between the human face and head portion and minuscule interconnected with thyroid gland.  A practitioner, who practicing this mirror yoga, started getting signals from the omnipresent receive as magnetic energy,. This is one of the short cut method in raja yoga and this is the highly hidden secret key for attain highly consciousness stage.
Vallalar siddhar has written many things in his books about this mirror method of practices. Osho rajneesh has written this technique in his book of secret of tantras along the description of opening of third eye.  Among all these yogis, vethathiri has finally initiated this mirror technique for the beginners to improve their powers as electromagnetic energy for further improvement of kundlini yoga. He has given very simple procedure on this mirror technique for common people. so that a person can really  easily  jump in to next phase of meditation.
The method referred here taken from many books and personally practiced for some years during my initial stage of meditation. The essence of this topic is written for beginners to understand the stages of yoga effects.  Anybody, try to do this technique, can easily identify their soul and hidden things on mirror as shadows. After some years  day by day the increase level of energy in the body makes the person can see souls by naked eyes during the night. By regular practicing this technique subsequently the gland of manonmani and pidari kann will be opened and able to see souls in the day time itself.  By blessing of guru u can achieve this experiences what i have seen personally by eyes and experienced are opened in this topic for your reference.
Some notes, i have taken from my father meditation observations for this mirror practices. But i have seen personally till his demise he never did this practice or any tantra yoga, but he was attained the higher level of consciousness through the blessings of his masters at the end stage of his life. 
Now u read the common procedure technique for mirror exercise.
Method & Procedure:
Take a mirror and ensure the mirror with out any erroneous things or image deflection due to mercury in the mirror surface, its size (1 ¼ feet width x 21/4 ft height). This size is practically fixed, so that  If you sit on the floor and able to see and view u r full image on the mirror. Always should keep in mind, other than you no one should see this mirror for to see their faces. Once u finished the meditation you should close with cloth and keep it aside. If u knows the mantra for protection for body, soul, and direction u shall do, otherwise just pray and start this meditation. U should do in the early morning from 03.00 to 6.00 hrs; this time u can feel u r body gets energy and vibration from the cosmic energy.
First step
See u r right eye in the mirror for two minutes and close both the eyes with two hands
 And then see both the eyes in the mirror for two minutes, close the eyes with hands and see inside.
then after see the whole body of yours in the mirror for one minute, then close the eyes and see inside and observe what’s happening,
Same steps u follows for three or four times (maximum cumulated time is 15 to 20 minutes) finally view the throat for 2 minutes and close the eyes and complete the meditation.
Day by day energy will increase and make the physical body and astral body fit for meditation
Years by an individual can see the souls in the mirror itself; u can see u r gurus, or u r forefathers who demised long back, or yogis.
The highly secret behind is the practiced person can view the image from inside the mirror, it’s in reverse process; first it will become carrier then it will link the contact inside the world and make them attachment with his own soul. So that he can view the astral body of humans and souls of expired persons. The person can also contact with the divine souls.
I feel I m crossing the limit to expose, I bring to an end here.
Travel to Samadhi is  a  final stage of yogic practice, its gifted carrying  along for 17 births to complete, it’s a karma brought to erase in this birth to attain Samadhi (in tamil they says”prapthakarma”)
Find out the key I mentioned above and start the practice to achieve the goal to finish this karma and attain the Samadhi by the blessings of gurus.
Happy diwali greetings to all my friends and well wishers


Deva Callee said...

DO I need to switch on the lights while doing the lamp and the mirror meditation as at 0300 it is still dark????

thillai raj said...

requested to read once again the same post. lamp meditation can do at any time after the continuous practice of years. but normally its used to do before sunrise and immediate after sunset.you can take advice from followers of simplified kundalini yoga by vethathiri maharaishi. light is required for lamp meditation? and its also required for mirror meditations.

Vettipullai said...


Should we sit in any particular direction for this method...

Prashanth Krishnakumar said...

Sarva Siddhi dhanaharshana Sankalpam is same as sarva vasya dhanaharshana sankalpam? Or are they different?

Viki said...

Sir, i attended yoga session at world community center. My question is related to looking at a person while meeting each other.
The yoga master told us to look at right eye of the person and personality development books tells us to look at left eye of the person. Could you please help in clarifying this and what are the effects and why they are saying this.