Wednesday, October 12, 2011

malai vala sastra

In tamil “Malai vala sastra” (meaning: sastra on mountains) is one of a Sastra exclusively describing many secrecy about mountains as quoted in verses and poems by sages.
Some of the great Siddhars (siddhar means: sages alive for thousands of years) like Gorakkar, Bogar, Agasthiyar and Karuvoorar written  valuable works on these particular subjects along with their other valuable secrets described about abundant information of these resources like herbs and secrets of yogas, occult and spiritual mysteries concealed in the Mountains, forests and caves throughout the Indian region.
Some of the verses even mentioned about caves that are not visible to the common eye as per many verses written in many palm leaves received till today in our hands. These mystical regions are the spiritual rejuvenative places like sudden up liftment of meditation and curing of rigid diseases and some are still known to be places of disclosure are the meeting places of the ancient Siddhars in famous Saduragiri hills situated in southern tamilnadu. Recently people started roving around this hill as usual.
In Tamil Nadu, some locations becomes  wandering of people on these issue are the Saduragiri hills, the Pothigai hills, Agasthiyar hills, Kolli hills,  Kancha hills, and the Mahendragiri mountain ranges etc are all named as ancient Siddhar mountains. The ancient secretive herbs and abundant of natural minerals for making mercuric and non mercuric medicine are mostly hidden on these mountains.
In recent years we can refer many books on these data’s were transferred from palm leaves to paper in a digital mode are published by tamarai pathipagam, saraswathi mahal library. i.e. agasthiyar, bogar and karuvoorar.  Also UNESCO had spent crore of rupees to make digital film from the palm leaves on these subjects attached with major universities as outsource and the oldest connimmera library, egmore, Chennai.
The major difficulties behind all these verses are to first understand in a proper way and break the verses by cryptic technique in to spiritual understanding otherwise it leads to erroneous trend.
Most of the ancient primary sources of medicinal preparations belongs to Siddhas are lying buried under forests and unmanned hills. These healing materials are in the form of kizangu, Kalpa, Basma and are also governed by mysterious forces as protection from unqualified persons as written as verses at the end of the poems.
Siddhars described the identifying features and the locations of certain healing Herbs meant for increasing longevity of human life span and some that can even bring a dying person back to life as per verses by tirumoolar’s, tirumandhiram, agasthiyar 12000 and bogar’s 7000 and bogar’s 12000.
In recent years, we can see every month during full moon (waxing moon day) people used to wandering the tiruvannamalai hill for about 14 kilometers in the name of “girivalam”.  900 buses are operating down the swing from Chennai and Bangalore regularly and still it’s increasing.
But the major reason behind is on the particular waxing moon day are some particular breed family of yellowish brown flowers are used to blossom in the mid hottest season, that also some particular months between  14th January and  14th April.  Medicinal experts plug these flowers and use it in all medicinal preparation on siddha as well as ayurvedic medicines.
What is the name of flower written in all verses of sages? Any one knows? Read “agasthiyar 12000”
 A yogi, sage showed this flower apposite to my flat at Nagarabhavi, Bangalore during seasonal changes. “Sound comes while blossom, that’s the secret behind in these flower”
Humans are always wandering only on shortcuts? That’s why nature is always hiding human eyes.
“Don’t trust humans who breathe through nose” Jesus Christ said and his highly controversial disciple st.thomas was immediately accepted Jesus word.
The secret behind this word is the extreme end stage of yoga Samadhi, the ecstasy.

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