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Instantaneous interpreted Predictions for twelve numbers with planets

Instantaneous interpreted Predictions for twelve numbers with planets

சிவனெனுநாமந் தனக்கேயுடைய
செம்மேனியெம் மான்
அவனெனையாட்கொண் டளித்திடு
மாகிலவன் றனையான்
பவனெனு நாமம்பிடித்துத் திரிந்து
பன்னா ளழைத்தால்
இவனெனைப் பன்னா ளழைப்பொழியா
னென் றெதிர்ப்படுமே
திருநாவுக்கரசு சுவாமிகள் (Thirunavukarasu swamigal)

Thirunavukarasu swamigal says in the above verses that lord Shiva has been created this human physical body in this birth to disconnect the chains of rebirth with this physical human body. He also stated that this highly precious physical human body is evolved and to carry out as order of superposition viz. sariyai, kiriyai, yogam and will be completed with Gnanam. The sariyai, kiriyai, yogam and Gnanam are the order of increasing trend of meditations with phases which is moving towards stride by step as bud, flower, and half fruit and finally ripen to extreme fruit stage to detach from the tree as completion. As same as the above quoted, the mature stages of meditation will be completed through highly framed secretive meditation techniques and leave the soul as detachment from this material world as completion of this human births as alive with physical body.  

Twelve numbers and its planets
The prediction for twelve numbers is considered by yogis from tamilnadu and the masters of astrologers has been written in a simple way with short interpretations from the rotation of planets in a particular period of time as related to human beings. If any person requires remedy and understand their fortune for that day or continuing the process with questions for the remedy or highly requiring results in a short way of prediction with instant consequences as simply says as “yes or No” answers will be taken here as predictions.  The day and particular time for the person is applicable here with predictions; when you ask them who enquire you for predictions and request them to say from the number 1 to 12. Whatever they say between the numbers 1 to 12, the following predictions are considered and applicable for the person. Due to lengthier of other posts, it’s avoided here the original predictions for twelve numbers was written in Tamil. Each prediction is deliberately related with the planets and time of the predictions and also the period for crack the numbers whoever is required.

If person says the number one, the predictions are described as below for the person who have come and asked for remedy. The number one brings all of your lost items in the past and some relations. If some of the belongings has gone and lost in the eastern direction may be being or non beings will not return to you.
Some of the valuable things you will be getting shortly from the western direction. A girl or woman who belongs to your friend has gone far from you may return to you shortly. Some of the close friends will bring you unfortunate things.
All of your enemies are totally against you. Postpone your pending plans. After some months you start with your close friends it will be successful. Some the objections and destruction from the eastern direction makes you upset. Try to solve it. Postpone the new business for sometime.
The number brings you misfortune and unfortunate things in your life. Some of your far relation may come and help you in your official and personal works. The southern direction brings you success. Some of the beneficiary may comes from the person who stays in southern direction.
All of your unlucky days have gone yesterday. Now onwards it starts your new ventures and family related works from today. Some of the upper caste people whoever totally against you will come down and make a compromise with you. A yogi comes from the southern direction and helps you.
Yours girl friend will come and help you financially and mentally. Some of your long standing relationship with woman brings you good fortune in your life during recent days. Some of the good news will come from the southern direction.
There is no gain or loss. God brings you success in your life very shortly. The court cases will be your side and it brings lot of gains. Some of your lost items will be recovered shortly.
Some of your sins bring your worries, but it will not continue for a long duration. Do your plans and starts your new business, it brings you lot of gains and benefits. Some of your long term plans suddenly brings you gains and lucks.
There is no sin in this number and the said person. You will get good news from the southern direction. Start your new business and family related works. It will be successful. Whatever you have done good things will come to activation and brings lot of luck as benefits from your good characters.
You had enmity with surroundings and family related problems. Whatever you have decided earlier brings you failure now continuously for some period. Don’t start any business, it will be failure and gets heavy loss and problems will arise. Starts pray lord Shiva daily from today onwards. It will be reduced and brings you fortunate things in life.
It brings you good luck and fortunate things in life. Everything will be successful and good fortune starts from today. You are going to get boy kid or some of your family members will be blessed with boy kid. Your travel and journey for business trips brings you success and carrier.
Marriage proposals will be favor to you as you like or some of your family members will get marriage knots very shortly. All of your running business and life will be successful and brings enormous gains. Court pending Cases will be successful.

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