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Navagraha yantra with tantra

திகட சக்கரச் செம்முக மைந்துளான்
சகட சக்கரத் தாமரை நாயகன்
விகட சக்கர விண்கணி யாயுரை
சகட சக்கரன் தாளினைப் போற்றுவம்”.

The ancient tradition of tantra in Tamilnadu, India was kept secretly among yogis, magicians and eligible persons whoever capable to change the destiny through the chakra, mantra and finally tantra with black and white magic’s. In the mainstream of religious practices through out people in tamilnadu we can notice that it was widely followed along millions of generations in some parts of India along the coastal area and some driest areas in the middle portion of main land. In India it was followed by all religious in different ways of devotion and belief.
Some of the mantras is practiced by Hindus were accumulated in to simple and minimal amount of words is effectively created with highly powerful vibrations and activated for the practicing for liberation of souls.  The association of goddess and great veneration with the tantric power is commonly used throughout India. The final results of this tantric power are usable to fulfill the unwanted, irrelevant wishes and ambitions on money, women and other.  Some of the goddesses were mostly ghosts, spirits and vampires and souls. Many yogis are always used to disclose about mantra and yantra but they never used to disclose tantra due to the non availability of eligible person to attain higher level stages of meditation and Samadhi. 
The paths of tantra is very mysterious and secretive practices brings to very complicated position as I have experienced with many amateur persons in Karnataka and tamilnadu due to non professionalism in tantric knowledge and lack of devotion. Whoever practicing chants of mantra with yantra is not much benefited or useless, until unless they should know the activation of tantra in a mastered way. If a person have, had a highly chanted mantra vibrations with yantra along the activation of tantra, using mostly daily with increasing level of energy in the physical human body is capable of bringing irrelevant material benefits for their self or others against the karma. Readers should understand here is the person can utilize this tantra tool to make sin on others or themselves.
The terminology of tantric is highly sophisticated and most secretive tool was learned only by eligible persons in tamilnadu for millions of years. Some of the parts in Rajamundry, Andhra pradesh are well developed in tantric science are mostly separated out from Atharvana Veda.  Some of fifteen years back, I went to rajamundry with one of my friend who is working in ONGC to collect a chakra for new built house at Chennai. The Brahmin priests at that flat, rajamundry was explained us on that chakra and described about how to insert in to soil after dug out. Then after, there was lot of collections gathered from those places when I was working for four years in and around Rajamundry area. The Atharvana veda majorly deals with these type of yantra and tantra.
Most of the chakras in other religions in India were taken from the Hinduism. I m not over exaggerating on  Hinduism, the reason behind this is the root of the well qualified magicians are written chakras with much interpreted tools of tantras in palm leaves all along their life for next generations in tamilnadu. I have seen many with saints and sages that some of the palm leaves comes around 10cmx10cm were written plenty of chakras very perfectly with tantric tools of mantras and methods.  But in some parts of Tamilnadu all mantras were colliding and brought in to shiva mantra for activation of tantric tools when it comes for magical works. Some of the mantras are combined with shakthi for the goddess and works in a different way. Here tools are referred as activation through the energy and power of human souls. Whoever practicing worship of sakthi never overlook or against the person who is a follower of Shiva with tantric materials.
Goddess will come under the supreme power of shiva mantra is working in main stream when the activation of humans is started on black magics. The mantra here is too understood as phonetic expression, for example om shiva, om kireem, hari om, as taken as deity, but yantra is taken to be geometric expression of this same deity. The triangles and lines of the geometrics are working in various principles with the embossing of the mantra on each corner. Once its sets, the mantra creates vibrations and symbolizes from the humans through the chakra with reflections of tantra. The human is the terrain of mantras and able to begin his magical capability as energy through the physical body from the chakra with tantric tools. I can’t explain simply more than this on humans related with tantric seems.
In tamilnadu, tantrism it is a refinement of yogic stages. It specifically designed to be drone and is intrinsically empowered. The soundless sound as mantra towards the innermost or silent mantra cause behind the proclivity of higher stage of meditation and secretive practices of tantric to vaunt and silent and reach as highest form of performance. A yogi attained this stage of soundless sound of silent mantra bring about all mantras that violently and transforming the soul, physical body and reach the subtler layers of the deliver being.
The above descriptions are given in brief of the mantra, yantra and tantra in tamilnadu. In this post, some of the numbers related with planets were engraved in metallic components and materials of the natural energy are to be activated through the power of human energies. Yogis from tamilnadu have given the number for planets and they make the planets as number in chakras in revolving position and perpendicular to relative transition of each planet.
Here with nine simple chakras are given in this post for readers to utilize the tantric tool for material and spiritual life. These planets as appears as position of navagrahas in many temples in tamilnadu and other states of India. Always the arrangement starts with the sun in the centre among other planets. The other eight of them assortment and positioned around at the corner blocks of each chakras. This is the basic navagraha yantra of the astrological yantra consist of nine squares in each block and cumulative of nine sections.
The arrangement of each planet is perfectly fixed at the corners related with each planet in the beginning at the western end corner of centre square block. Its starts with the western end middle block, then it will go to north east, south, southeast, centre, northwest, north, southwest and finally east. This is the position mostly fixed on the basis of tantric tools and the directions of the mantra spell according to the yogis and sastras.   This is describing as nava grahas, nava durgas, nava nadis, nava yoginis. The basic appearance of each chakra and the position of each planet in this engraving of each yantra are arranged for material purposes in this material life to fulfill the births for humans. Some of the yogis used to fix any one of the chakras for their disciple who usually gets week influence from planets and make them activated and resolved from the reflection effects of concerned planets. The actual position of the planets from the sun is drawn for simple reference. Readers shall take the numbers as planets for their understanding and through it. Where ever the number is in each block should understand as the planet and make the chakras. This can be measured as magical squares for navagrahas and all together the nine sections are considered, being as Navagraha squares. The interchange of the planets in each square is perfectly on transition with rotation of planets. The perpendicular angle is considered for the direction of each square and plotting of individual planets. Readers shall carefully go through the squares and easily find out on how the planets are fixed perfectly, geometrically as accordingly.

Numbers are referred below for individual planets according to Tamil astrology and Yogic sastras.

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