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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-9 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-9)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-9)

அசபை யறிந்துள்ளே யழலெழ நோக்கில்
இசையாது மண்ணிற் பிறப்பு

Mahayogi avvaiyaar describes above the highly secret principles of the meditation techniques in two lines. The word “Asabai” above referred a word in tamil should be referred as Ajaba in recent accent of pronunciation and in all books. Yogeeswarar was referred this word as “AJABA” and he compared this word tamil “asabai” with goats. He also explain that how goats have the movements in the parts of the mouth and the organs connected with their mouth is working in some directions to lift the breath in to point of end. Yogeeswarar also compared this word with many books was published in northern india some hundred years back on this particular topic “ajaba”. All yogic principles and techniques of meditation in connection with this “ajaba” are accepted with this basic principles of yoga by great saints and yogis who were attained jeeva Samadhi in Himalayas and western ghat section all along the tamil nadu. The un dissolved soul is the major part of the human external body. The rebirth will be born by those souls through these un dissolved yogic souls. That’s why; yogis preferred these types of techniques to continue the birth with the human body along with the same soul instead of dissolving the physical body. I hereby am using the word as yogic souls. There will be no good soul or bad soul in human body but the external body of the human may differ on every births. “If you born in this world you have to die” as said by corporate gurus regularly to their blind disciples. These stages will be wiped out by doing the karma through the soul by yogis and crossed the period of time to millions of years those yogis were staying with us. The siddhars and yogis of tamilnadu is wandering with particular holy men and doing the karmas to plenty of eligible humans. Corporate gurus has been since never touched the panja boothas and make all their followers to the end of death with their karma.
Mahayogi avvaiyaar describes very simply in these two sentences about the strength of fire of energy during the beginning stage of all humans will be raised through these particular type of meditation and alive with the same human body as un dissolved external physical body. Some of the rare secrets I have explained above. Readers who were eligible, try to read once again and again and follow the meditation rules with facts of mahayogi avvaiyaar ammal. The yogis of tamilnadu have been guiding true techniques of meditation in all their verses and poems for the eligible souls. But the same yogis are always misguiding the people who were follows the alchemy as making of native gold and rasamani and spoil their life in this birth.

Continued from Number-80

Planned work will be successful. Longstanding family property will be coming towards you. Some of your regular dreams will makes you happy and the same will return as true.
Decided work will be unsuccessful. Some of the woman makes you upset and other friendship of your girl friends must be painful. Whatever helps you have done will not bring any fortunate. Worries will extend for some periods.
Exact work will come into activation in your life as decided by you. Marriage proposals will be favor to you and family members. Friends and relations will be helpful. All the above said predictions will be happened with in a month.
Whatever you have decided to purchase for your family will be fortunate, buy and add in your property. Some of your missed person in your family will return safely as early. All of your problems will be solved. Family problems will be work out. All of your business will be running in a profitable side. New ventures also will be successful.
Some of your plan will not be successful. Some of new raised competition will be started along with your business. Some of the enmity and quarrels will rise in connection with your business and official works. Illness will rise and continue to some period. All of these worries conducted by you during some period in the past and certain period in your life time. Now you remember and gaining.
Some of the good news will receive by you and it’s new. Some of friends and family members who were stays at abroad will be returning for a while. Some of your business partners or property or some good news will be coming from the direction of north. Do whatever you want to settle in your life and start the business now, its good time.
Long standing worry and other frets will be wiped out shortly. Some of them arrested and stays in jail will be released. Jobs and own business will be gaining towards good position. Family problems will be solved. Some of the upper caste people will come and make help in some of your critical situations.
Continuous illness makes you depressed. Health conditions are changed suddenly and surprising you. Some of the planets are not favor for you to carry out important works in your life time. You have promised to your friend for some work, but now it’s unable to keep the promise. You have to wait for two months to complete these situations.
You fought with some big shots and influenced people. The well financed person makes you trouble in your life. So you want to hide your life and settle at some where far from those people. Wait for favorable period and decide after.
Some of your property will be returned. All of your business will be successful now. A woman brings all the property and became well wisher to you. Day by day it will increase and makes you happy.

Illness will be coming down slowly. Jobs and other personal work will be successful and moving to promotional stages. Court cases will be victorious. Some of your old business and lost goods will be returned back. Start and do whatever you want to decide to do on rare work and businesses.
Marriage proposals and marriage functions in your family will be coming shortly. The girl or boy from the decided family will be approached. You have to wait for another six months to complete all these predictions.
Planned work will be successful now. Unknown person from outside will help you in your business and other family works. You have good relationship with you parents. You have two wives or extended many girl friends.
Travel will be unfortunate. Don’t go for any journey or business trips. All of your plans will not be flourishing. Wait for some period.
Your wife has lost some of valuable things and articles. It will be recovered shortly. Your sickness and other illness will be reducing slowly. Some of your long standing enmity and fellow becomes friend. Your work will be thriving.
You have invested in some of very rare thing in your life. Don’t make your worries extended and whatever you have invested and planned will be benefitted. Its good time to finish all the pending works.
All of sudden failures will be faced. You got scared on some thing in your life. Some un dilute mistakes had been carried out strongly by you. It starts troubling to you recently. Go to temple and worship navagraha gods for this recovery.
After a month, whatever will be planned and initiation of your business will be successful. So you have to wait for the period to fulfill your dreams. Some of your family persons may return from abroad.
Enmity will rise. Some quarrels and problems will rise at your home. If you have done good things also it may come as failure. You have to wait for another eight days to complete all these problems.
Be happy and make your mind comfortable now. All of your problems will be solved from today. Your longstanding dreams will come as true one after another.

Some few months back in our apartment at Bangalore, our neighbor lady was knocked our door during night time at 11.30hrs. The biggest problem in my life is, if I slept in front of t.v. no one can wake up me from my deep sleep and never ever viewed a full movie in my life till today. That day i slept at the hall near the entrance. She stood in front of our entrance door and said”something noticed near balcony”. I got scared suddenly as same as her. Her face was highly scared and she came out from deep sleep with erroneous and sudden fear from bed. Her eyes are smugly and show that she got something trepidation in her dreams on what she got scared in her balcony. She took me to her home and showed the balcony. I found her children are sleeping on other bedroom. My kid who was accompanied me for my help was stood beside me due to that lady makes both of us scared. I thought some of the stranger; fellow is decided for robbery on this house due to this family belongs to northern India. I said her “open the balcony. She refused to do that in her staying house. I opened the balcony and noticed that there was nothing outside all along the road side balcony and the lights on the apartment gates was illuminating more lux on their balcony. She said some pack was kept near the window. Then I noticed that a small news paper is well packed and inserted in a small carry bag.
I asked”what is that”. She said” she do not know”, it might have kept by servant maid people. The maid lady coming for cleaning and other work might have placed that. I enquired “how you confirm this”. She not replied. I said our maid servant was working in my flat for last nine years. I found she got more fear on that pack and she observed the pack from the evening itself seems. Otherwise how can people suddenly came out from sleep and continue the fear on that. I took it and tried to open. My son asked me what that is.
I opened the paper from the polythene bag and observed it’s a part of the eatable mixture of masala and quarter part of laddu (sweet) given by this lady to the servant maid when she came for work during that day.
I gave it to her. She refused to take from my hand. I myself thrown outside for her satisfaction and criticized her fear on that. I came to my flat and said to my wife who was pregnant those days. She was surprised about this fear.  
The above incident clearly brought two notices as she knows well about the black magical things and she got fear on those things related with black magics.
Until unless your time is running very bad through the planets, these types of things never been happened. There is no need to keep black magical things in your balcony or home. Magician can do black magic from any part of the world and keep anywhere in the world to activate against you if he has your photo or your slipper or hair or any other attached with you.  If you do your prayers and poojas at your home sincerely with highly formatted way, there will be the possibility for reduction of these types of magical things at home. Otherwise you have to well verse with these obstruction of black magic’s with spells of mantras or yogic power to re throw those magic spells against them who were mantra spelt on you. If you keep tulsi plant in front of our house for god also there will be the roaming of souls all along the houses unless until you are a good person in front of god. There are the eight varieties of tulsi in this world. One of the very rare varieties of tulsi is able to solve all these problems are coming from external and internal world of mantra, yantra, and tantra. Such type of rare variety of tulsi we can observe in western ghat sections. Some varieties are very sensitive and react with human beings as alive. That’s why plenty of emails and enquiries are received in connection with herbs and alchemy with herbs.  Some of the varieties of plant “Karisilanganni” are grownup as yellowish luster tone in front of our flat as bushes. Who knows the secrets of these types of plants used by priests for good fortunes?
In BOGAR 7000 verses, there are some variety of plants are mentioned with related to these types of magical works with herbs. I bring to end here with majorly on two points are mostly raised by above. It is to be understood that magical things and magical spells can activate anywhere in the world against you if you feel really you have enmity in this world or you might have committed any mistaken on other families during your life time. Hence, there will be no difference if magical things at home or very far from your place, both effects of results are the same. Secondly, the worship of god should be perfect with regulated mantras without any mis pronunciations and rituals. Some of mantra throw will effect immediately in a fraction of second as LPG gas cylinder was fell down on my foot path when I started my prayers. There will be no use of chanting mantras through the whole day or daily with loud voices through bajans and bands. God is everywhere and works through internally.  When god is standing near you or behind you, if you are not able to identify that fellow of god is standing near you, then what is the use of tulsi plant pooja or external poojas at temples, worships daily, and periodically with yaagas to satisfy god or praise of god or boothas? Apology for above errors along the quotations is published without correction due to shortage of time and long gap after the previous post.


Karthi said...

Very Good Job. Please try to write in Tamil. We are losing many things in Tamil. If you continue writing in English, You are transfering our wealth to English. What we need to do is write all the wisdon in Tamil, translate all the wisdon in Tamil as Barathi said. I beg you please write in Tamil. Never try to transfer our wealth to Engilsh.

thillai raj said...

some of the things i m just copying from oldest books for useful information to others who doesn't aware on this type of instant predictions. regarding spiritual i used to write whenever i feel comfortable with me and try to disclose from my feelings on yogic practices. most of the spiritual books are available in markets in chennai. readers can refer easily. thanks for comments