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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-7 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-7)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-7)

நினைப்பு மறப்பற்று நிராகரித்து நின்றால்
தனக்கொன்று மில்லை பிறப்பு

Mahayogi Avvaiyaar Ammal describes about the thoughts are rising within this birth. Ammaiyaar directly explained that split the thoughts and the way of thinking in to two ways. The system of thinking in the past and the presence of working thoughts and whatever its happened in the past are not at all related with internal intuitions of humans. That’s why yogis never have the thoughts in the three periods of cycle. All Yogis are disconnected their life chain or cut the chain of the rebirth and hereditary thoughts from the previous birth generations. Mahayogi avvaiyaar indirectly says that if any people who are in the stage of meditations have not come under the time, period and ages. If a yogi has attained the stage of disconnection of births through the dissolved karma, he can handle the thoughts in the phase of present status of material life. Then there will be no rebirth after this disconnection of the life chain and the thoughts of the past or create the thoughts in the newer circle of generations instead of humans life cycle.

Continued from Number-60

Your travel and business trip is successful. You will be benefited on this trip. You are going to make friendship with new girl friend. Some of your old friend will come back to you. If your business trip will be in the direction of west, there will be plenty of happiness and fortune things will be happen.
You are going to get problems from government and government related works. So you may be punished from the government related works. Some of your close friends doing awful things to you and this make your life complicated. So try to watch your close friends now. Sometimes among your close friend circle and their activities brings you material loss and money.
Some of the court cases or other allegations are running against you in connection with money issues. This will take some time to settle. So you have to wait for next chance and the settlement of the issue.
Whatever your court issues will be successful to you and healthy. You will get favor from government organization. Some of your girl friend brings you property and money to adjust the problems in life. During your tender age, you have done some mischievous stunts with woman and other. Now it’s the time to solve it.
If you have planned to do new business, this is the time to start. All of your friends will come and help you financially. Don’t worry about any thing on your personal life and official works. With in eight days all of your problems will be solved.
Whatever you have decided to carry out official and family commitments will not be fortunate. If you do good things to others also it will get failure and unfortunate to all. Some of your close friends who have benefited by you are cheating and back mining behind your life.
Whatever you have preplanned things will be failure. Theft items and loss items will not be recovered. You have very much worried about your family persons. All of these problems and sorrows will take three months to change in your life.
Now it’s the good time to you to start new business and new proceedings. Proposals for marriage will be favors. You will be receiving long standing diverted money.
Some of your secret things from your wife have gone out from the family. It has been reached through the direction of north. It’s migrated to the proper place for protection. You may know about the place and collect the precious thing.
You have strong sex feeling on another lady for the period of time. Don’t take any travel otherwise you will get injured or some unwanted incidents may happens. Whatever you have decided now make it postpone for six months. Take proper medicines from proper doctor for your long standing diseases.

General (how the young girls is affected by her own tantra throw with black magic spells)
Some of the unmarried girls were used to chant mantra spells due to their enthusiasm on black magic’s with some guidance’s from the childhood through their parents and forefathers. But unknowingly this type of mantra spell and chants will make the girls in to certain form of formatted trap and spoil their carrier and family life. After some years, they themselves have thoughts that goddess at their home and speak through their ears and establishing lucky draw for lottery tickets and countless in this material world.  As same as the above instances, there are well activated actions and reactions also occur on the married women too with extra perception due to their inner energy running through different paths in their physical body due to their sexual intercourses. Also in the married cases, the mantra spell works in an assorted way, it carry forward to their children and brings unexpected predicament to their day to day lives.
A reader of my blog was asked me very angrily on this mantra spell when I enquired them about the gender. They got angry and said is it any special throw on mantra spell and allocation to the men in connection with mantra spell other than women. Men or women, the way of learning the art and gender is very important in these special arts. Mantra spell is always below the stage of Samadhi. That’s why when goddess Kaali appears in front of some person, they mentally affected due to their enormous power flowing against him on his physical body. Mantra chants and spell is similar to primary classes. Spell of mantra is always different from the gender to gender, married, bachelor, and vegetarians. Here I refer vegetarian’s means whoever follows the vegetarian food can do any meditation without any destruction and complete the art with the blessings of god. There is no argument for non vegetarian. If you feed non veg food to your physical body, It starts activates the god or goddess whatever requires the human blood for external body and work up to that level. Here blood becomes the major source for mantra spell and magics.
 In some of the cases with some person their mantras make the user, meditator uncomfortable and don’t make them mentally to bring them to the stage of marriage. That’s why bachelor girls should not spell any mantras on enthusiasm; it brings great troubles to their settled family life. Guru is necessary for all these types of activation of mantras, especially on gender for particular type of mantras activation on others. Some unmarried girls want to do certain type of magic with mantras and trapped with mis spell of mantra when they thrown on others and locked themselves continuously throughout the life unknowingly.  That’s why kattu mantra is published in the previous blogs. Readers can understand now why I insisted to do kattu mantra and should not concentrate on mantras spell and advised to try to relieve from their own mantra spell on any way.
Some seven years back when we stayed in staff quarters, Cement Corporation of India at karankot village, 10km from tandur, mehaboobnagar district, some of the karate school boys who were studying in part time College were working with us for survey work.
A girl friend of one of those boys was admitted in hospital when she got engaged for marriage. When they were on continuous discussion for some days and accidently they asked me a doubt about the black magic’s in tamilnadu. I replied frankly I don’t know on this topic, moreover there will be absence of black magics in tamilnadu due to dominance of yogis and siddhars for millions of years. They continued and narrated about the girl who was affected by black magic’s strength with severe side effects from unknown grounds and it seems that they have deeply enquired on this. They have taken that girl to Hyderabad and also Bijapur district where the place and native village of the girl for observation on this typical illness.
For courtesy, I visited their house to see the affected girl.  She looks very tired and she frequently forgets everything when she was on narrating. Now readers read as it is given below.
Everyone said the girl was affected, but the girl looks something she might have done to herself and hide with some drugs and within her stupid effort she is affected by herself. I asked her did she have any food outside, unusually. She refused. Magicians checked her and confirmed that she is much affected by spell of black magic’s and herbs on her. They said that she was treated and treatment is going on. I asked personally that had she did any mantra or mantra spell or used black magic things on others.
After a long silence, she accepted and explained her magical throws on her boy friend personally.
She said” she had affair with a boy and he was not interested on her. She is a native village from Bijapur proper town. She was very much impressed and makes her mind herself to have him at any cost due to severe love. Some of her friend advised and given a short cut way to achieve this, so she had been taken to magician for consulting.  To attract the boy towards her, the magician has given her some black magic powder. Then the magical throw starts from her.
Magician advised her to mix the magical herbal powder with her morning first urine and spray on him. The mixed urine should be gathered with accumulated for long time duration spell. Magician advised her to spray this mixed urine of her with herbal powder and throw on his slippers or shoes daily for some period. She regularly used to go to boy house, after this cause to spray her urine she becomes regularly, so it is easy to split the urine on his slippers. After that whatever she wants it was happened for a quiet period of time. But after that gradually she got illness frequently with some sickness. Suddenly the boy becomes arrogant with her and changed his mind settings suddenly. Once again she consulted the same magician, but the magician said it will work but the side effects are more than usual periods. They charged money and it has been continued for long time. But the nature always blocks at some time and suddenly all the magic spells were swiped out suddenly. These types of results are always happened for whoever does this type of magical spells. The boy has gone far from that place due to the transfer of those parents. So its got stuck up the regular sprayer treatment and girl has been affected by those magic spell faultily.
She begged me to save from this magic spell. I said; see I’m not a professional or expert in herbs. I came here to see the boys who are working with me and listening to your stunts. If you have taken herbs, there will be some herbs to break this poisonous frame and experts in this district. But you yourself spell on you now.  If person found any mantras spell and one can break the mantra throw if they have more power than magicians. I asked if you have the sample of the powder you had used for those purpose. She brought the small paper pouch. The powder is white color and glitter luster with out smell. She said when she mixed with urine, the color became different and daily she got different color appearance once mixed with urine. That may be because of the reduction of concentration. It works for some period according to mantra spell of the magician. The color changes according to the effects of the girl body responding to the throw she did.
Once it’s mixed, the rising of the particular bootha will get ready for the completion of work whatever they have fixed for. Readers please note here that any angels; fairy tales or whatever may be they are different from the boothas. Whoever using boothas, they mostly work with animal flesh and feeding food as flesh and blood. Boothas always commit wrong things like I m narrating here. Whoever attracted on boothas they will do wrong things as same as like boothas. Other than these some goddess like as it is, what we are worshipping in many temples throughout India is coming under small goddess and it’s controlled by head of goddess. For example kaali, bagavathi like thousands of goddess are controlled by head of one goddess. If we take hanuman,maruti,bairava,narasimha whatever we have temples, these type of god is controlled by lord shiva. All the mantras are coming under these principles of lord Shiva. All Shiva mantra is well protected and perfectly formulated and spread over by yogis. Some mantras never becomes activate if the spell on the right way with some goddess. Some of these temples are locked with mantra spell permanently through shiva mantra by yogis due to wrong activation and black magic throw from those priests working in the temples. Topics are jumping. I continue this at the end.
She said that powder was working for sometime, then suddenly the boy refused her one day. After that she tried continuously with urine mixed with powder. But it was no use. This is because of the concentration level is coming down with mantra spell and the particular period of working.
In Tamil, a word is very common among magicians, I don’t want to spell here the word and we shall take as code XXXXX. The meaning of the word by magicians is used to spell strongly on others for some time and some period of time, that becomes out of control from their normal sequences in daily routine of life. The period of time what he spelled on others is called the XXXXX. This xxxxx will work only for some limited fixed period. Till the period of working, those spelled person will suffer and complete the xxxxx. Magicians never spell on others permanently. Because magicians want to stay his position in a safe mode and throw the spell for money. If he found and gathered the information from his slaves boothas return from the witness and inform him that the particular person is suffering, then he will remove immediately and spell the same for the remaining period for who wants to take revenge. That’s why it’s advisable that should not trust the magicians. I have heard plenty of magicians are killed all along the generations in the world due to these strong curses and the results of supreme nature. As same as this type of curses, plenty of family suffering by loss of husband, loss of wealth, ill health symptoms continuously for generations without alter their life.
She said it was not working during that period, and then she gets illness and finally continues sickness. She consulted to the same magician. Magician said that it will be recovered slowly due to the power of spell she thrown on the boy is working against her. Some prostitutes used their menstrual blood in their way and also with food and pan leaves.
But nowadays in cities, due to regular consultation of many women with magicians for personal works they have started using these types of magical things on their husband, boyfriend, bosses, neighbor, and relations. After many incidents i have faced on this, im writing here on this topic. Also, it becomes common on nowadays material world women is frequently consulting magicians for uncommon reasons and behaving in a way against the nature. Most of the women know it’s a sin, but they want to complete their work at any cost.  For material benefits it becomes very common among family women and they started using these types of herbal things with urine and menstrual blood for years and permanently get unknown diseases due to strong mantra spell when they used on others unknowingly.
Many mails I have received from ladies on these types of remedies. Nature never allows you to disturb others in a wrong way. In goa, magicians used to say prostitute death. They mean in a way on different type of sickness acquired by women after using mantra spells or used magical power. After 20 years I have seen some of the lady had faced a type of death in a worst way. Most of the women whoever engaged in this purpose had committed suicide or unusual deaths. I don’t want to mention about how men using this magical things on women and get severe punishments from the nature. Condition of men will be worst than women. I bring to an end here.
Then finally i said to her take the regular food and pray daily to god and visit the particular god temple. She had affected in her soul and the reflections of the mantra spell come to her through a cycle. Asked try to consult good magicians to break the frame around on her and try to go for good things in her life after this treatment.
All above things I have personally experienced and faced during different periods. If we touches the eligible person with magic’s, they used to punish us in a different way. Some time due to friendship I used to help for some person with regular prayers. But masters will cut the results and block the benefit raised by us to our friends. One of my gurus never helps others with his yogic power until unless he confirmed that it is true and always will be avoided due to other karmas. All yogis never take curses for others and as same as we should not take curse from yogis too.  Is it correct?
Especially, some particular group of  people has been never attained the blessings of gods in tamilnadu, due to their ego, irrelevant behaviors and they always have thoughts and extraneous guidance’s from their hereditary persons whom well known on mantras, tantras and yantras. Past nineteen years I never come across a one person from those groups had reached the stage of Samadhi due to lacking of guru and real god. They always used to stay far away from the god, if they stays very close to the god also, they unable to reach the source of god reflection. But whoever roams like beggars stay far away from god is easily trap the god fellow from their place itself and make a call to god at any time to appear in front of him. This is the great blessings and their power of meditation of all yogis.
  Some fellow used to spit in front of the god due to their ego on meditation, these types of qualities i have seen with some beggars roaming without dresses or half naked. They themselves feel that they already became god and no need to see these types of god stunts in the society. So they will surely spit on the face if anyone speaks about god like me stays in the cities. One of those beggars stand in front of me with a one ft cloth on his hip and asked me to take photograph. With a small cloth wear in his body and closed his organ asked to take a pose for snaps. Yoga masters, guru, and swami whoever may be in metro cities giving poses in big banners with lot of makeup dresses travelling by imported cars and preaching on god became useless in front of these types of beggars.
A fellow who knows everything in the nature and makes the god/goddess to come for his personal servant work is always roaming without dresses or half naked and they have strong guts and confidence on god so that he asked me to publish that photo. 

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