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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-10 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-10)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-10)
வண்ண மில்லாத வடிவை யறிந்தபின்
விண்ணவ ராகு முடம்பு


Mahayogi Avvaiyaar ammal describes about the colorless image of the inner eye and how internal images is creating along the inner soul of the physical body during the traverse and journey of meditation to omnipresence. She describes about the image of the “OMKAARAM” “OM” is observing through the highly secretive way of meditation to attain the extreme end stage of omkaaram. Whoever able to see this omkaaram internally; then those people is considered to be yogi and similar to god. Once the physical body is able to hold the energy and power of the effects from meditation, they can able to attain this stage of omkaaram and also with the same physical human body they can reach the extreme phase of god.
Many instances, I have described about soundless sound in my blog posts. I have been attached two diagrams in posts which was hand drawn by yogeeswarar, whom described transparently about the inner eye in his book “Navageetham”. Those two images which were published for readers to understand the inner image of the inner eye or third eye whoever doesn’t recognize till today.  Now it’s very well cleared through the above verses for readers who were continuously enquired on this soundless sound. The description above is the highly quoted words in two sentences on internal images through intrusions by secretive way of meditation.  Mahayogi Avvaiyaar ammal simply explained in such a way as above to attain the path of soundless sound in the internal physical human body.

Continued from Number-100

Among one of your business partner makes you depressed in business. Some of the family person is making politics against you on property and family business. Find out the odd person and avoid discussing with them regarding business.
Now is the good time to starts new business and other family related works. Travels and journey must be successful. You will have friend with new woman and continue for a while. She will help you in financial background. Whatever promised given by you, it’s the time to fulfill. So do it.
You have trusted one of your friends. That friend will help you financially in your business. Marriage proposals will be favoring for you and among in the family whoever eligible. Businesses will gradually rise to certain extent and becomes stable for some periods. Some of your family persons and one from external sources make you highly depressed. Don’t worry on those guys, nothing can do against you.
Some of your ever loving has gone out from you. They will not return on any circumstances. You are going to have financial loss. Some of them gets injured and becomes handicap for some period.
Due to transition of planets, you and your family members are highly depressed. So, go to navagraha temple and do the proper worship, god bless on your request. Keep it in your mind for a while. This is the time for you in your life cycle that some of your planets become totally against you. Be cool for some of the periods and calm down.
You are going to get the kid or some of your family members may starts conceiving. Whatever you have decided to start some of your new work, it starts as its own. The work related person will come and help you unexpectedly on your business. Some of the influenced person will come and help you on your business and family related works. You are gaining promotions in your job.
Decided plans will not fortunate. You don’t have good friends in your circle and surroundings. They will bring some of highly trapped problems to you. It’s unavoidable due to your friendships. All people show enmity on you. Avoid starting new ventures and family related works for some time. Postpone it.
Property and wealth will accumulate now. Decided and planned work will be completed. Everything becomes favor to you now.    


“Yogis used to do meditation below the water for a long period to avoid some of the disturbances” my dad said this for several times to us. I criticized my day if they will sit inside the well, fishes will come and bite them”.
Dad said” when he was young, some of the yogis from Eastern direction used to visit my grandfather house and stay for some days in between their journey to some places. Once my dad and his father took those yogis to the well, which is located at east of our village and eastern side of the burial land. In our family we used to quote that well as eastern well of agricultural land. Hand power with oxes and generator pumps used to pump water from the 20x 20 ft well like mini swimming pool and especially with rotating clockwise direction staircase steps towards to the inner ground level below the water. During rainy seasons, most of these wells are overflowed with water and springs are over flowed and water will be generated to the channels to our agricultural lands. In summer season, the water lever goes down to 14 to 15 steps below from the ground level. So everyone used to go through the steps and take the swim and used to jump from the top of the well from ground level.
Those yogis said to grandfather and dad”you both stand here on the top of the well and watch us and don’t get scared, we will be back. Those yogis went inside to the steps below the water and sitting on meditation pose below the water without blow any bubbles as dead silence inside the water. They were sitting for a long time and came out as normal and everyone had bath and returned. While they were doing meditation, my dad said he thrown some of the small pebbles over them, but the pebbles move towards away from them due to the circle created by those yogis. Fishes comes near to the yogis and move away from them, this may be the temperature raised and created on their body while meditation. But the pebble moves away from them mainly due to their protection circle created by those yogis. These incidents are common with those yogis whenever they were visited to dad’s house.
Those yogis said to grandfather and dad “a name of Buddha” will be continuing in your family for generations and the spirituals will be continued. Its damn fact, that one of them from my own brother have those name. When I tried to order in to superimposition and found all the names from the entire family have left a name of Buddha is still continuing.
Those generations of yogis were traversed for a long period of years and engender bakthi maarga in our districts tirunelveli, kanyakumari and nagercoil. Now they were called as very famous spiritual leaders as “AYYA”.
They became corporate gurus and constructing temples, gathering public and entered in to material world.
I expecting till today, some of the yogis from those generations might have left their own symbols to their eligible disciples?


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