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External image of the inner eye

External image of the inner eye

ஆதியாய் நின்ற வறிவுமுத லெழுத்
தோதிய நுலின் பயன்.

ஞான புத்தகங்களை வாசிப்பதன் பயன் தனக்குள் இருக்கும் ஓங்காரத்தை அறிவதற்காகும்.

The results of the continuous readings of mahayogis book are the excessive understanding of internal sound of “Om” and utter silence. There is no equivalent for Tamil word “GNANAM” (ஞானம்) in other languages. 

In tamilnadu number of mahayogis and 18 siddhars has written many poems and verses for the people who are seeking the footpath of the god and wandering with thirsty to see the internal glow and inner eye. Before siddhars have written, they have preached verbally to their disciples one after another hereditarily.  Then after some millions of years, siddhars were started writing on these hidden verses for eligible yogis whatever they have accumulated in the physical body and internal soul to the public point of view. When analyses these types of writing on siddhars poems, it is understood that they have written only on mercy with human beings.

All the writings are based on their own experiences and their personal analysis on their yogic practices and results. They partly divided these types of yogic principles in to two stages. One is to directly learn through sastras and secondly it is fixed to attain the god through inner experience through yogic practices. I don’t want to elaborate here. Below, I have given two images were made by mahayogi sundharamanika yogiswarar who written the notes for “OVVAIYAR KURAL”.

Mahayogi Sundaramanika yogiswarar was challenged and openly published his handwritten image to the world that if any one really wants to know the internal glow and the external image of the inner eye. He also challenged in his image that if anyone whoever able to see in his image and find any mistakes on the kundlini and the surroundings of the kundlini circle like sun, moon and their effects and products of planets with raasi mandalam; he can readily accept the mistake. I asked many persons that anyone has felt that image on the internal glow or commonly speaks as inner eye or third eye or what ever may be.

The great masters were observed as the Shiva language of Tamil language have their own 51 scripts for their mantras used to explain the correct way to attain the god to their disciples.

Maha Yogiswarar strongly says that how the great masters and siddhars were felt in their internal glow and written their experiences as verses and poems. If we want to know the truth, we have to go back and felt the same experiences whatever siddhars and mahayogis had in their soul. He also says, anyone should not follow the sastra and behave accordingly and finally loss their seeds. One who himself understand the secrecy of internal glow so that he can understand the universal secrets. Without seeing by eyes, it’s very difficult to feel the experience by anyone. That’s why maha yogiswarar has given the image for the public to understand the principles of siddhars and maha yogis.

“Who knows themselves can see the chief”. This verse we forgot seems. So that we lost to see who i am, so we can’t able to see the head and great chief. I bring to an end here. 

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