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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-5 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-5)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-5)

தெளிவாய தேசவிளக் கொளியைக் காணில்
வெளியாய வீடதுவே யாம்.


The above verses were written by mahayogi Avvaiyaar Ammal in the section of Thooyavoli kaandal in avvaiyar kural. The above verses describe the glowing of light intruded in the physical body. The light gleaming throughout the human physical body will start and appear once in the internal refractions, it will reach the path of shiva yoga. Here avvaiyar ammal expresses the shattered light on the physical body is deliberatively identical to the light of lord Shiva. The light of lord Shiva described here as the end stage of Samadhi.  She called the glowing light on the physical body as the perfect light of shiva. The internal light comes from the internal soul is the extrusive appearance of lord Shiva. If you start to see the light in the internal gleaming all along the cells, you can see the entire universe with the extreme glowing perception and the reflection itself makes you decided yourself can see the universe in the internal body. Here she describes the home as internal human body and where the light starts from mooladharan. It’s the effects of the soundless sound from the internal refraction of light inside the human physical body.
Recently, I came to know that some of the people have started this word”soundless sound” in their writings on their blogs. What is soundless sound”?  Years of years my guru used to say this word and explained me on this word “soundless sound” before my initiation and after my initiationAll my publish posts; readers can easily refer the incidents which I have faced during my different periods with my gurus and books.  I always try to explain as it’s I learned, heard, practiced and yoga skill I have built up from my different gurus.  I try to explain on very rare meditations at the end of these posts with my experiences. I used to write in my blog with expressions as positive and confident words. Requested to avoid.

Continued from Number-40
Whatever you have decided to do any personal and official work will be completed now and it will be successful.  Now it’s the good time to carryout any works. If you want to do house warming ceremony and other construction related purpose or to shift your house to another house, this is the good time to be carried out. Your wife is going to conceive within a short period of time or some of your blood relations get pregnancy. You will receive the call from your old working place or you will get your old business and it will be fruitful.
Now all your eager and expectations will be fulfilled in these situations. If you want to dig well, bore wells and other agricultural related works will be doing well with in this period of time. You are going to have some new connections with some of your unknown friends.  These connections bring lot of happiness and good fortune from those people. you will be happy with those circle.
Whatever your work and running business and all present situations will be failure. The time and period now is the waning time of condition. so postpone all your new ideas now. And some of your temporary Illness and sickness takes more time to get recover. Your present Business will attain heavy loss. So take care of your people whoever connected with your business.  Some of your family problems will acquire and begin with quarrels and it continues with your wife. You are going to suffer for some time.
If you have decided to get marry any person, the same person, your dream friend will come and marry you in these period. If you have contact with those people, you can contact now for to arrange your marriage. Some marriage functions will be at your home and family. A girl from southern direction and southern places will come for marriage proposals. So it’s a chance to fix this marriage.
Your court cases results will be favor to you. so no need to worry if any results come in these period.  If you want to file any cases, definitely it will be successful.  Some of movable property will be acquired.
You have some temptation on woman. It may be pre marital and post marital according to the person now.  But it is confirmed the predictions that you wants to ask about that woman now. The higher side of the sexual feelings on woman will be increased now due to your connections with women. You started to skip your promises to your close friends. Because of this they also changed their style immediately and  you will be cheated by your friends.
If you have decided anything to start any new work or family function, or business, it is the time to do and start now. All other people started to trust you in this period. You became important person in society. Some of the rare occasion like marriage function will be attended by you and there itself you will help somebody to get marry in that occasion. Whatever you have decided before to do it’s the time to start because your ideas and everything connected with your future will come after three months from this period onwards.
You planned to travel for business trip. That business trip will be successful. Your illegal connections will be favor to you. If you do any business now it will be favor to you. You trust your close friend or your guide
You have lot of dreams in your sleep. It makes you fear and scared. You started dreams with fear and unsuccessful works. You are worrying about your past and present condition.  You escaped from the accident now. That is the biggest thing in your life now.  You should than god for this retain. Now you postpone all your works for sometime otherwise it will be failure.
You and your brothers had fights with some family problems and continuous quarrels. All these type of worries will be solved with in a year. After a year all your planned ideas will be successful. Your family life will be fruitful and supportive with your thoughts.

Five days back an early morning when I started from my home at Bangalore to chennai, i forgot many things as usual. I took auto at the end of my street. Auto stops as usual and driver said “fuel is empty”. If he carried me to the railway station without any disturbance, that is the greatest surprise. So I have already expected all these hurdles. Then I got another auto, he took me to the railway station. My electronic ticket is not confirmed. But I forgot to buy the current ticket and sitting in the unreserved coach. At the end of the moment some ten minutes before the train starts I remembered that I have to buy the ticket. If I come out of the train, it’s sure i will miss it. But I came out very fastly near to station platform entrance. As regularly fixed person for my many trips here also one person is waiting for me at the outside. He fastly came nearer to me and asked for Chennai ticket. He ordered me to stand there. He showed hands to the reservation counter from that place. From reservation counter, a person showed hands to him as reply. One person ran towards me and gave the Chennai ticket. I clarified the ticket details. All are perfect. Some hundreds of people standing along the que outside, but I got the ticket. I entered the station again, train suppose to start from platform.
Many times like above narrated incident always happen to me whenever I planned for trips to see my gurus. But the great things behind this are as if I planned to see my guru. That travel and journey will be conformably fixed by gurus. Like those person who came towards me and gave the ticket as same as many persons on many occasions I got the confirm ticket in the trains for the journey towards to my guru. Guru is always special. They never left you whenever you have fixed and started your journey for them. 
But in this trip, he confused me with his expertise sastra.  I was roaming with him whom the person taught me in a right way and brought me from the mantra world.  He criticized and laughed on me when i asked about the sastra “SAAYA DARISANAM”.  He said that’s why all the sastras will be learned through guru not from the published books. He also said”the saya darisanam is the simplest technique and it’s working on the internal body.  He said” there is no need to use any mantra or use any alchemy liquid or exposes your physical body on sunlight. Till reached to Bangalore i had confusion with these sastras. All gurus are usually misguiding you if they found you have started and using it. All published books are incorrect?

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