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Mantra (units)

Mantra (units)

Some of the mantras are given below are taken from the hand notes of professional astrologer and yogi shri.Jambulingam, residing at Gummidipoondi Chennai. Readers are requested continuously on this topic on chanting of mantras. In this post, I have referred some of the mantras which are locking the directions around individual person who is chanting and spell regularly.

Lock the directions by using regular mantras 
  1. Take the cow dunk burnt ashes in hand and pray for some time with your god/goddess
  2. Touch the ground and pray for sometime and spell  mantra “YANG” (யங்) and pour the cow dunk ashes on your head
  3. Spell mantra “VANG” (வங்) and touch your head, then throw ashes behind you
  4. Spell mantra “SING” (சிங்) and touch your head, then throw ashes your right hand side
  5. Spell mantra “MANG” (மங்) and touch your head, then throw ashes your left hand side
You can also use flower, kumkum for this purpose.

Then spell the mantra which is given below after immediate process of above mentioned on spell of single word mantra. If the below mantra will be translated, it will be loss of the original essence, so as it is given below, readers are requested to take help from others and make your notes in your own language. So the original pronunciation of the word will not be changed in other languages without any destruction. There are some modifications in this mantra. If you approach any guru for basics on mantras, here after readers are requested to ask the real meditations and mantras from the real gurus.

அரி ஓம் தெற்கே நோக்கினேனே தெற்கே சண்முகமூர்த்தியாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் வடக்கே நோக்கினேனே வடக்கே பிரம்மாவாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் கிழக்கே நோக்கினேனே கிழக்கே தேவேந்திரனாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் மேற்கே நோக்கினேனே மேற்கே நரசிங்கமூர்த்தியாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் ஆகாசத்தை நோக்கினேனே ஆகாசம் திருநீலகண்டனாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் பாதாளத்தை  நோக்கினேனே பாதாளம் காலபைரவனாக கொண்டேனே
அரி ஓம் பூமியை நோக்கினேனே பூமி பூடமாக கொண்டேனே
பொருப்பு இருப்பாக கொண்டேனே                      
சிவன் சிவமாக கொண்டேன்
சிவன் இருந்தவாறே

Then go to the third step of protection of physical body through mantras (உடல்கட்டு )
The below mantra protects the physical body from the external source is directed by any power or energy or through individual persons and make a invisible lock as a circle due to continuous chanting of below mantras to the meditator.

ஓம் பகவதியீஸ்வரி யென்றே தேகத்தின் பஞ்சாட்சர மூர்த்தி காவல்
கைகளில் அம்பிகா மயேஸ்வரி சாமுண்டிஸ்வரி காவல்
சிரசு முதல் பாதம் வரையில் அஷ்டதேவர்களும் ஓம் என்ற அட்சரமும் காவல்
காதில் வீரபத்திரதேவரும் நவதுவாரத்தில் நவக்கிரகமும் காவல்
என்னைச் சுற்றி காலபைரவனும் காத்து நிற்க சுவாகா

If any person will do continuously these type of mantras and observe for some months, there will be appearance of permanent lock will be made as a circular ring around you. Once the ring made a circle through you, it will protect continuously according to the chant of mantra spell and individual energy connected with universal source. According to the expansion of the soul and inner glow, this circle also starts its ranging larger than accordingly. Once its get activated in full form, the individual person can see the outer ring of this mantras which is permanently surrounding the individuals. The vibrations of the circle vibrate highly according to the spell and chants with the extreme stage. I bring to an end here.

மாலையனங்கி யிரவிமதி யுமையோ
டேலும் திகழ்சத்தி யாறு

          The above verses in Ovvaiyar Kural written by Mahayogi Ammaiyar Ovvaiyar describe the sun and moon in the physical body through the name as goddess shakthi. The wisdom and the Gnanam in tamil with attitude refers goddess lakshmi, and for knowledge its refers goddess saraswathi. The erase of the darkness in gnanam will be removed by the breath through the fire as agni, with the assigned sun and the physical body as moon. The goddess parvathi stays in the physical body exposes the gnanam and make the eligible person to understand as enlightened. The two lines cracked too many words in ecstasy for a page. Eligible persons can understand in their yogic stages accordingly.


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