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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-2 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-2)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-2)

பத்துத் திசையும் பரந்த கடலுலகும்
ஒத்தெங்கும் நிற்குஞ் சிவம்.

Mahayogi Ovvaiyar Ammal praises the lord Shiva in their verses given above in Ovvaiyar kural. The verses directly describes as the ten directions, earth is surrounded over by ocean,  wherever in the world, whatever in the universe, everywhere in the world,  the shakthi of lord Shiva is occupied over the entire universe. The soundless mantra creates the sound in the universe and creates the nature in to designed way to understand the humans. Once a yogi has started hearing the soundless sound from within the physical body, he becomes silent in his mind and soul, he always in their presence with nature, connected with the god, then they completely surrender their entire soul to that sound and fixed to the system on the way to attain the end of light inside the human body created by the universe. Some of the people looks like hanged down through alcohol, this effect and feeling comes through they might have started to feel the essence from the connections where it’s started in the human body. Readers may get vague here but whatever I have written above is the extreme end of natural secrets.  Through out the universe, all beings and humans are searching in the forests and cave in connection with this hidden line and holes. Eligible persons can understand the paragraph is mentioned above.  I bring to an end here.

Continued from number 10

The above number brings the great fortunate to you. Whatever you have decided and waiting for a long time to complete the work or business it will be fulfilled. The fortunate things will be coming from Southern direction. If any proposal for marriage, the eligible bride, bridegroom will be approaching from southern direction. All these above predictions will be reached within three months immediately.
Some of your blood relation or your son was quarreled with you will be coming shortly to you. within two weeks he or your relations will approach you shortly. The readers take the subject from these two lines predicted for the number 12 and apply with other purposes. I have given as it is from the verses. But once started to give predictions, the verses will be opened and started to disclose plenty of things from this number according to the inner voice.
Whatever you asked for prediction in your mind will not be fulfilled. It will be failure. Someone of your close people became enemy and working against you now. Because of this enmity all other things will not be solved and brings the problems.  All these problems will be solved within one month. Now its not possible for you to do any things.
Other external works related with nature will be successful.  Now whatever your thoughts kept in mind will be fruitful and successful. Due to continuous effect of Jupiter planet, you are going to get all good fortune.
If you have plan to marry or other marriage proposals, it’s the good time to be carryout.  You will get good bonus in your works. Whatever you think in your mind, now it’s the good time to be complete it.
Now your physical body has been affected by some sickness. You had made enmity with somebody and its continuing now. So postpone all your good things to some days.
Now whatever you were suffered for the past years its going to be solved now. From today all good fortune will be coming towards you.  All your official things will be solved and becomes permanent. Some of your friends will come and help you surprisingly. If you have lost any valuable things it will bring by a young woman from a far place.
You asked now about a woman.  She has been away from you due to some quarrels related with money and property problems. She never comes back to you and whatever you have been lost things also never return back to you.
It’s fortunate to you. Whatever you being in mind it will be fulfilled. Your wife going to be get boy kid or your blood relations will give birth. All your official proceedings will be solved as decided by you.
Official Travel is good now for official works. The continuous illness will be reduced. All your relations you make continuous gain and good relations through friendships and far relations.  

Other than these predictions, some of the other predictions are not at all related with recent culture. So it’s avoided here, for instance: agriculture, cattle and pet animals. It’s to be always remembering that the particular time of predictors and the person who is asking the predictions are interrelated. In the universe, everything is already decided and moved accordingly with planets, we have to complete the karma one after another. The cycle of relationships comes again and again continuously one after another through this movement of planets and inner movement in the soul. The time and days is the important source for the predictions. The sun and the moon make the person to be completed and to receive the karmas in day to day life to proceeds their work and physical connections. If predictors are highly spiritual, then there will be the receiving of good fortune and calculation output will be occurred easily for the suffered people. Readers write to my mail id if come across any doubts.

To be continued from here.


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R.Srishobana said...

Great Post...some say that this Technique of predictions was not accurate...But ur post clears those who doubts about this Prediction Technique...Thanks for sharing valuable facts...

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thanks, comments whatever mistakes you find in my blogs

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Big request sir,
Why don't u write in tamil sir.pls, post such a good article in tamil.
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tamil sometimes its disclosed entire content. we can skip in english, due to translation by brain instead of mind.