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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-4 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-4)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-4)

தன்பா லறியுந் தவமுடையார் நெஞ்சகத்துள்
அன்பா யிருக்கு மரன்.

The above verses were written by mahayogi Avvaiyaar Ammal in the section of thanpal in avvaiyar kural. She describes about the characters and main beliefs of yogis in day to day life. All the yogis are always used to do the internal worship through the way of siddhars and try to do karmas in day to day life to overcome from this birth. Whatever they starts to think and rising of thoughts from their mind are always along the principles of karmas. Here she referred karmas is in the meaning of meditation and yogic principles.  Always in their soul and mind they have always starts to think about the highest principles in karmas to find Shiva. So whatever they do in this birth it has been connected to god and comes through lord Shiva. She also strongly says for common people to follow in that way to achieve the god through the yogic principles.

Continued from Number-30
Whatever you asked it will be materialized. Your family will be happy now due to new issues. You are going to get a kid or some of your blood relations are get baby. Now the period for you is very precious in your life time, all of your work is the raising stage and this is the growing stage in your life time.
Whatever you have disease now is the temporary. But the curing of your illness takes much time to cure from the original physical body. Some quarrels will rise in your home and it makes you upset. Your characters are changes time to time due to some planets. So it makes others uncomfortable on you. Then finally because of your character and tendency in your delivery of words brings all your close friends shows enmity on you.
Now recently you have started some business or work or applied for some business, whatever may be, after some days you will get good results on the same. Now you caught up with somebody and became slave to that person. If you want to away from that person hand and you wants to get relieve from them, now is the time for you, whatever you decided on this it will be fruitful, if you want to continue also the results will be fortunate. It may be men or women.
Now you are worrying about something in your mind continuously for a long period. If you have decided to arrange marriage function for your kids, now the time will support your hand and everything will be fruitful and thing will be materialized shortly. Whoever friends and others from abroad will come and reach in your place or village. Whatever your official case or any cases running for long run from court will be solved and favor to you
Some worry always on your mind and soul. You got some relationship with some woman and you will be much worried on that woman now. She is giving the difficulty to you and in your life. Now is the time to solve the problems faced by the same woman. The woman crisis will be solved. If you have decided to travel for some official works it will be favor to you. All your previous problems were faced by you will be leaving from your side.
You have faced some problems and staying outside from your family. The problems makes you much trouble with your official proceedings and its continued in your home also. All these above will be solved shortly. Within two weeks all your problems will be solved.
You have lost some items or articles and worried continuously on this. You thought its very precious items saved by you for a long time in your family or personally by you. Within a week all your belongings will reach you safely.
You have lost some of your valuable belongings and theft carried out in your place. That’s all the missed items through theft is difficult to reach you. Your will be getting good things in your life shortly. And you are going to get permanent job or work or business. Within some days unknown person will come and help you permanently.
You have trusted somebody in your life for work or personal related things. From the same person or related to him will come and help you shortly.  You are going to get property and wealth. Now your job or business will continue without any destruction.
Whatever you have decided to do some official or to carryout personal work will be failure. Postpone all the travels which are fixed. Some problems will come from your side of enmity. So you should take care of all your enemies and faraway friends.

My son who is studying in 3rd standard came directly from his school and visited the fortis hospital at Bangalore to see our new born baby. While coming from school, he asked me, has baby come out from mom stomach?”.
“When she born” he enquiring.
Today morning” I said.
Then he was thinking about something and stopped asking any doubts.
Its girl baby or boy? “he asked.
I said “its girl”.
He screamed “How can I play cricket with a girl, what stupid things both you and mom doing? You tell them to change in to boy. Now days it’s very difficult to play cricket during my leisure hours. Every time I have to go to other house and bring the boys to play cricket. He murmured continuously.  His argument is always with his own favors. He always argues on the players whoever played cricket with him. He always used to say that he did not have any companion at house (no brothers). Because of these facing problems by him, he used to go to other houses frequently whoever has brothers for accompanying on their cricket matches.
At hospital he went and touched the baby and asked the solid question

I know its girl baby, my dad said on the way, but all your people now tell me, how you saying and confirming this is a girl baby? But I know its girl.
As same as all of our people, many times asked  the question to me mostly  like this on spiritual and makes me uncomfortable. They know its spiritual, but they want to know how others say it’s spiritual.

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