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NEELAKANDAR KURI SASTRAM-3 (நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-3)

(நீலகண்டர் குறி சாஸ்திரம்-3)

எழுபத் தீராயிர நாடி யவற்றுள்
முழுபத்து நாடி முதல்

The above verses were written by mahayogi Avvaiyaar Ammal in the section of Naadi thaaranai in avvaiyar kural. The above lines describe the highly surreptitious nerves or veins are intruded in the secretive sections of the body from the base to the internal skull. In Tamil, these type of nerves and veins are used to state as “NAADI” in all sastras. Avvaiyaar ammal described above on these furtive naadi in human physical body. She described as there are 72,000 naadi in the internal subdivision of the human body and all are interconnected with every secretive part. She also described continuously on this naadi and its divided in to ten naadi. These ten numbers of naadi is working internally and intruded in the human system and extruded in the universe. The ten naadis are ATHTHI, ALAMPUDAI, IDAI ,KAANDHAARI, GURU, SANGINI,SIGUVAI,SUZHIMUNAI,PINGALAI,PURUDAN in tamil.
All yogis have the physical connections through these external nerves to the biomagnetism and electro magnetism with the universe. Vethathiri maharishi described these as VAANKAANTHAM and JEEVAKANTHAM.  Vethathiri maharishi perfectly found these connections and he made separate yoga techniques with these vaankaantham and jeevakantham in his simplified kundlini yoga.
Avvaiyaar ammal further classified these ten naadis in to extreme one and only one NAADI. This one great naadi is the head of those ten naadis in human body. All mahayogis and sastras highly describes about the secrets behind this naadi. The ten naadis is instinctive and fixed to the humans and makes the eligible persons to make connection with god through some meditations and practices according to their karma. These ten naadis are fixed for wisdom, prophecy, divine, Sophia whatever may be, but it’s created inside the humans for “GNANAM” in tamil, the highly holy entity from the god. Then where is god. Its wholly belongs to nature? Then, where is the nature? Its being inside the humans.
The one naadi among the ten naadis makes all ten naadis and 72,000 naadis to work with internal connections extrude to the physical body. This holy strongest naadi controls the whole human and if it started to work internally and physically it will control the universe. He can send the signals through the external body to other human and internal body to the universe through the opening of inner eye. Then he becomes god. If he is not able to see the god inner self, then how can he see his chief? Is in it? I bring to an end here. Topics are jumping from the above verses.

Continued from Number-20
Some of your item or property has been taken by somebody long back.  Now recently in your mind, you have doubt on that if it will recover to you or it has been already missed from you. What you think particularly about that item or property has been taken by some body. Its never comes back.
You are going to defeat your enemy in your profession or personal life coming from long time in your life with destructions. Whoever enmity with you unknowingly and also quarrel in the past with relations before like your brothers and sisters will help you now. Your property will come back to your hand very soon.
Whatever you have planned to do some of your dream work it will be failure. You have to postpone it for some time.  Now the time is awful to fulfill your eager. You cannot compare your professional or friends with your life. You have to wait for another six months to recover all those problems from today.
Now the present time is running very badly, you will miss whatever you made the property and other official things.  So it’s not good to start any new work or continue any business. Your health has some diseases. You are going to get some court cases also.
No other new profits or benefits from your wife side which was kept pending by you for long time. You are going to get some benefits through your work and your own business. From your wife side or her family there are some special type of property will be decided for her and it will come to you for your sake. Whatever you decided to finish the long standing pending work, now its the time to finish.
Your property case will be favored to your side, the results of the case will be favored to you in all the ways, it will be successful. If you are waiting for marriage or proposals or eligible person in blood relation in your family; now its good time to make arrangement for marriage. Some problems will make you upset. Due to these problems you will lose some money. If you planned to do any work, it will be failure.
Now god will help you in all walks of life. Its good time to hear that god is helping you. You are sick now, some illness in your health. Some of the benefits from the government related works and some unexpected helps from rich persons. Whatever you have decided it’s going to happen in a week.
You fixed a program and long journey for official purpose. Now is the time to take up this extended journey. All things will be favorable in your way. Whatever you have lost in your past life, it will be coming towards you.
Because of some woman in your life makes your routine life is much complicated. Because of that woman you have lost some money or property also in secret cases. Now you have to keep calm and observe what happens.
Whatever you have decided to do any work or business and your plan will not be successful. If you have lost any property or any thing will take more time to recover or it takes time to come back to you. Your work and other official matters will be hampered for some time.

Whenever i used to cross our master bedroom at my home, my daughter who is two and half months old makes a tiny sound towards me. She used to make sound and call me. Suddenly she started crying and all of my family came inside and scolded me “why you have showed your ugly face to her”!
Wife said “already we cant able to see your face directly, now you are growing grass, moustache and beard all of your face makes us scared to see, how the small baby will tolerate your face”.
So I avoided going whenever daughter is wake up and playing for some time before feeding. Unexpectedly went inside to pick up ATM card from cupboard. She found me seems. She made sound on me. I turned slowly and said Hi! She made sound whatever I talk. I thought she might have adept my face but suddenly her faces changes and started screaming.
Wife came and said “you go and show your face to your girl friends”. I said “They will commit suicide.
Police started looked at me many times in the railway station during my frequent travels. But, all these looks, i least bothered about all the fellows. I started growing beard and moustache and now its growing above my face.
A year back one of yogi said in Malayalam”beard and moustache is the symbol of complete man”. It’s beautiful. Its “sorna” in malayalam.
Sometimes mind will be tuned to some stages of yoga. Mind will confuse you, but it’s unavoidable. If u wants to control or skip your mind order, we have to meditate continuously and intermittently for 8 hours. But due to profession and bread and butter it’s unavoidable.
Whenever minds deliver the order, physically I started observing the frequency through symptoms and signals receiving from mind. During waxing moon Full moon days it’s become unavoidable that the feeling of sexual characteristics is raised to extreme stage. But the nerves and veins on the full moon day, the naadis working inside at the particular point and it’s opened the hole for some time internally. The vibrations from humans melt the sperm and bring down through the nerves and make you to ejaculate.
Yogis learned to close the hole during these waxing moon days on full moon day.  Wanning days on ammavaasa, the full complete day makes the human physically uncomfortable in to some frequencies. Readers after this post, try to observe whatever I mentioned on these above days.
Sperm never comes; the nerves connect it to the particular naadi and make your mind to open. The masturbation techniques are used by boys and girls working on this procedure due to rising of energy in their physical body. But the waves, energies never come through these artificial ejaculations when they do masturbation. When they do masturbation they are artificially touched the internal nerve and come back to normal with the sperm. That particular time of touching the inner nerve, the whole room gets activated with high amount of energy release from his or her body and makes any article to fall down from the table.
When they had intercourse, the connection of male and female make their self connected with the internal nerve and the energy started cycling through them.  If one gender is very powerful in internal body with high source of energy power, the other gender must be get sickness as early after their intercourse due to energy passed through from one gender.  But it’s more complicated with the girls on these nerves until unless they are practiced through some pranayama to control their liquids ejects suddenly. While girls are talking closer to apposite sex at that time itself, their mind send the signals and it becomes solid wetted for them. I am not describing here with any sexual talks. It’s related with the nerves I have given above in the beginning. The hidden nerves control the whole body of the human internally and externally. Physical body never controlled by some of the nerves.
Otherwise we can send the signals to the pancreas and ask them to secrete glucose to cure diabetics? King Dasaradha has 72 thousand wives. But it’s indicated about these 72 thousand nerves accordingly. 8 generations of Vasistar, guru of lord rama can see the generations of god one after another. Is in It.? But all these changes of the universe are observed and explained to 8th generation of vasistar by mahayogi Kaaga Pusundar.  

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